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Glucophage Xr
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Glucophage XR Metformin 500/1000mg

Generic Glucophage Extended-Release is an oral antidiabetic medication used to treat type 2 (non-insulin-dependent) diabetes.


Brand(s): Glyciphage SR / Biciphage / Obimet SR

PackagePricePer pillSavingsOrder
500mg × 30 tablet$71.95$ 2.40 
500mg × 60 tablet$79.95$ 1.33  $63.95
500mg × 90 tablet$104.95$ 1.17  $110.90
500mg × 120 tablet$129.95$ 1.08  $157.85
500mg × 180 tablet

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$179.95$ 1.00  $251.75
PackagePricePer pillSavingsOrder
1000mg × 30 tablet$74.95$ 2.50 
1000mg × 60 tablet$89.95$ 1.50  $59.95
1000mg × 90 tablet$124.95$ 1.39  $99.90
1000mg × 120 tablet

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$159.95$ 1.33  $139.85
1000mg × 180 tablet

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$219.95$ 1.22  $229.75
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