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Gastrointestinal TractGastrointestinal Tract
Aciphex Generic Aciphex
Rabeprazole Sodium 10/20mg
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Acofide Generic Acofide
Acotiamide 100mg
BUY NOWBUY NOW A$4.82 Per pill
Asacol Generic Asacol
Mesalamine 400mg
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Buscopan Generic Buscopan
Butylscopolamine 10mg
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Canasa Generic Canasa
Mesalamine 500mg
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Carafate Generic Carafate
Sucralfate 1g
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Celebrex Generic Celebrex
Celecoxib 100/200mg
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Celol Celol®
Calcium Carbonate 500mg
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Colofac Generic Colofac
Mebeverine 135mg
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Creon Generic Creon
Pancrelipase 150mg
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Cytotec Generic Cytotec
Misoprostol 200mcg
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Dramamine Generic Dramamine
Dimenhydrinate 50mg
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Dulcolax Generic Dulcolax
Bisacodyl 5mg
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Gelusil Mps Gelusil mps®
Aluminium Hydroxide + Magnesium Hydroxide 1mg
BUY NOWBUY NOW A$0.08 Per pill
Imodium Generic Imodium
Loperamide 2mg
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Melatonin Generic Melatonin
Melatonin 3mg
BUY NOWBUY NOW A$1.35 Per pill
Miralax Generic Miralax
Polyethylene Glycol 3350 119g
BUY NOWBUY NOW A$3.04 Per bottle
Motegrity Generic Motegrity
Prucalopride 1/2mg
BUY NOWBUY NOW A$2.37 Per pill
Motilium Generic Motilium
Domperidone 10mg
BUY NOWBUY NOW A$1.14 Per pill
Nexium Generic Nexium
Esomeprazole 20/40mg
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One-alpha Generic One-alpha
Alfacalcidol 0.25/0.5mcg
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Orahelp Orahelp®
Choline Salicylate, Lignocaine 8.5% + 2% 15g
BUY NOWBUY NOW A$21.28 Per bottle
Ovol Generic Ovol
Simethicone 15ml
BUY NOWBUY NOW A$19.76 Per bottle
Pepcid Generic Pepcid
Famotidine 20/40mg
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Prepro PrePro®
Probiotics And Prebiotics 1mg
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Prevacid Generic Prevacid
Lansoprazole 15/30mg
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Prilosec Generic Prilosec
Omeprazole 10/20/40mg
BUY NOWBUY NOW A$1.31 Per pill
Pro-wel Pro-wel®
Probiotics And Prebiotics 1mg
BUY NOWBUY NOW A$2.15 Per sachet
Protonix Generic Protonix
Pantoprazole 20/40mg
BUY NOWBUY NOW A$1.27 Per pill
Reglan Generic Reglan
Metoclopramide 10mg
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Valproate Generic Valproate
Valporic Acid 500mg
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Yogut Yogut®
Probiotics And Prebiotics 1mg
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Zantac Generic Zantac
Ranitidine 150/300mg
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Zofran Generic Zofran
Ondansetron 4/8mg
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I received a partial shipment yesterday.
The pills have always worked very well...as expected.
That's why I ordered from you again this year...just like last year.
In fact, yours work better than the 50 mg brand name pills I still have!!
An since your pills are scored (unlike the brand name ones that I have to use a knife to split), I can easily lower the dosage to 25 mg...which is all I need.
Thank you for a great product at a reasonable price!
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